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The uniform for all our sections can be bought at the Glasgow Scout Shop at 21 Elmbank St Charing Coss. It can also be bought online from the Scout Shop please click the link on  our homepage to buy uniforms online. Do not buy the 204th Neckie from the Scout Shop this should be bought directly from us as we are using a better quality material. We stongly ask that all your child’s uniforms are clearly marked with their name or initials, this includes shirt necks and woggles.


Beavers : Mon 6.45-8.00pm      Cubs: Thur 7.00pm-8.30pm

Scouts: Wed 7.30pm-9.30pm   Explorers Mon 8.00pm-9.30pm


Like most good things it costs money to be a member of the Scout Association.

At  the 204th Glasgow we charge a Membership Fee on a termly basis. Fees are due after the Christmas School Holidays,  and after the Summer School Holidays, that’s two terms.

At present the Fees are £10.00 per month for Cubs Scouts and Explorers and £8.00 per month for Beavers. 

Fees help to pay for the running of the Group. This includes the cost of running and maintaining the Scout Hall, including payment of Rates, Electricity, Telephone, Property Insurance and Cleaning.

Out of the Fees we also have to pay a Capitation Fee to the Scout Association. This year (2015) it is £35.00 per member of the Group and with over 70 members in the Group, that’s over £2,450.00 we have to pay. Capitation covers the cost of running the Scout Association and includes such things as Insurance, Leader Training etc. The fees also cover badges, games equipment and any items we have to buy to run our weekly programme.

Membership Fees should  be paid by through MY SCOUT

On top of the Fees , activities, such as camps usually have a charge. Activities are run not to make a profit, but not to make loss either, although in most cases our camps are heavily subsidised. If there is any surplus at the end of the activity, then the Leaders may use the extra to reduce the cost of another activity or it may go into Group funds to benefit all members of the Group.

The Group undertakes various fund raising activities during the year, such as our popular Race Nights and Dances and we also do bag packing in the local supermarkets


All sections in the 204th run their weekly programmes as a competition. Patrols / Sixes /Lodges are awarded points  for attendance, wearing correct uniform, winning games, behaviour and camping skills. Points can be viewed on your sections page

A shield and trophies are awarded to best Patrol/Six/Lodge and best attendance awards, Beaver/Cub/Scout/Explorer of the year are all awarded at our annual presentation night in June.

For Scouts to be awarded Best attendance, its simply a matter of being there or not.Unfortunately we cannot take into account the many factors that can cause a child to be absent. There are only 2 instances where an attendance mark will be given if a child is absent 1) We have changed the section night for a specific reason, all kids will be marked present 2) Members are involved in another scouting activity e.g. Scout Gang Show rehearsals.

The Group undertake a wide variety of badges during the year but many badges can be gained outwith the group,

We ask the following of our members at the 204th Glasgow Scout Group:

  • They attend regular weekly meetings.
  • They wear the correct uniform.
  • They pay their Term Subscriptions and camp fees before the cut off date.
  • They take part in our weekend activities where possible.
  • They support, with their families, our fund raising and social events.


The Group is run by trained leaders and helpers who do this in their spare time as volunteers. All leaders have been disclosure checked and local references obtained.
We will provide a varied and interesting programme of activities designed to suit all interests and abilities. We will let members and their parents know about events by text, email, Facebook the Group website or sometimes letter.

We will treat all members equally regardless of their ability, including any of our own children who are members. We firmly believe that Scouting has much to offer young people as they develop and that taking part is more important than being good at something.


The 204th are a very active Group with a number of day trips,  indoor weekends,outdoor camps and overseas trips. In order to book Camps or Trips, you will be sent and emails inviting your child to the event, click on the link in the email and you will be taken your unique MY SCOUT page. Here you can click YES or NO if your child will be attending and make online payment if you wish.


We have our own Facebook Group which is a closed group whereby only members of the group can see the posts. If you have Facebook, then search for 204th Glasgow Scout Group and apply to join.

MY SCOUT EXPLAINED (please click the link)