Moving On

What happens when my child move on to the next section

All sections have an upper age limit which allows our youth members to progress to the next section.

When its time to Move On, you will receive an email informing you that your child will be moving on. This happens twice per year, normally at the start of each session. Sept and Jan.


When your child is transferred to the new section, your previous My Scout Page is closed and you will be sent a new link, all previous Direct Debits are cancelled and you will have to input your bank details again.

If you use a password to login to My Scout your password will be associated with the old link in the previous sections My Scout and wont work.

When you receive your new invite, you can then set up your password again, it can be the same one but its now associated with the new sections My Scout.


The Cub Uniform is a Green sweatshirt and we use the same Neckie for all sections

The Scouts wear a Green Shirt

Explorers a Stone coloured shirt

All uniforms can be bought from the Glasgow Scout Shop and the Neckies can be bought from your leaders if they require one.


Most badges are Different in each of the Sections but here is a list of the ones that can be moved onto the next sections uniform.

The Purple World Membership Badge
The Gt Western District Badge
The Clyde Region Badge
The Scotland Badge
The Group Name Tape

Staged activities badges follow our young people all the way through from Beavers to Explorers

Staged badges are the round ones on their arm that have a number on them. You will also see that the staged badges will still be showing on their new My Scout Page.

All other badges can be binned. If any of the above badges are in poor condition speak to to your section leader and they can be replaced.M